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Boulangerie Solignac


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About Us

A Little Bit of History

Authentic French style pastries using family recipes that have been past down by four generations of French chefs.  We use only the finest quality ingredients to produce the highest quality and best tasting products on the market.  

We have two lines of business – our 

Foodservice division produces frozen pre-proofed and egg washed croissants and pastries and our Retail division produces packaged frozen “Rise & Bake” pastries for sale through retail locations. 


Some Retail Customer Comments

"The frozen croissants are amazing - like being back in Europe, except without the plane ticket."

"Oh! And they have frozen croissants! I baked up a small bag and fresh and toasty out of the oven, they were better than any bakery in the area. And I am extremely picky about my croissants."

"I have never been to France, but I can't imagine that real French croissants can be much better than…….l frozen take-and-bake croissants,"

"The bake-'em-yourself chocolate croissants in the freezer section are THE BEST I'VE HAD ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD."

"Your products are amazing! I am a former pastry chef, but I never had the courage for laminated dough. I have been in the food business for over 30 years in both restaurants and food manufacturing." 

"Tremendously impressed with your product. Served them this weekend at brunch with a nice Nicoise salad. Keep up the good work!"

Give Us a Call

Whether you are a Foodservice distributor or a grocery store looking to carry our products, we would like to hear from you.  


Call us at 415-467-6031 or email us at  

Ayesha Curry

Thank you Ayesha Curry.  We are so glad that you are enjoying our pastries.  

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Greg Ng the Frozen Food Master

Greg Ng, the Frozen Food Master, reviews some of our pastries.  This was very early in our quest to make the world's best frozen, bake at home croissants and pastries.   Greg's review convinced us to move forward and the rest is history.

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Boulangerie Solignac

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